Music School

Our dedicated Music School is located on the premises of Musicworld, Northampton’s longest established Music Center. Plenty of parking and the perfect ‘drop off’ location as we are just outside of The Town Center and near the bustling Wellingborough Road. Our skilled teachers will guide you through the steps of learing Piano, Keyboard, Organ, Guitar and even Melodion!

The School itself caters for Pupils of all ages, and lessons are conducted in a unique way devised by our own teacher, Trevor Brown, author of popular ‘Student Series’ music tuition books. (more info on the courses here)

Our pupils have individual attention and progress at their own rate without having to worry about a tutor standing over them! They do not have to undergo the embarrassment of playing to other class members either.

Our ‘early learners’ (from age 4) are normally taught individually by our specialist female teacher. The course is written specifically for the younger pupil. And we have had excellent results with all of our young ones.

London College Of Music Examinations are optional, and at this point in time we have 100% pass rate for all of our pupils and many pass with ‘honours’.

You can contact us by calling 01604 637444 during opening hours (07949 624274 if closed) or email using the contact us page.

Student Series Tuition Books

The Student Series of Tuition Books by Trevor Brown is a completely new approach to help you learn to play a keyboard instrument. Whether you are just starting out or wish to improve your skills, this is the course for you.

You will progress at your own rate regardless of whether you are learning at home or attending a Music School. We use fast, easy methods to give you a good basic understanding of music. Theory is covered as required but will not hinder your enjoyment of playing.

We have Courses for Piano, Organ, Personal/Arranger Keyboard and a special ‘Early Learner’ edition. Whatever instrument you prefer – you will be certain to get on well with our courses.


The Student Organist series has been developed over many years of professional tuition. It adopts a rather unique method not found in many contemporary courses that often rely on the student memorizing hundreds of chord names. We have found this slows progress, particularly on mid to advanced books and severely limits the ability of the Student. Right from book one you will quickly recognize chords in the Bass Cleff which means it wont be long before you are able to pick up almost any piece of music and play without having to research unknown or tricky chord names.


The music in this course is ideally suited for a sixty-one note keyboard with a ‘split’ facility, but can also be used on longer keyboards (eg. 76 or 88). The aim, is not only to teach the chord names, but also to show how to read the Bass Stave. Eventually the student will be able to pick up any kind of written music (for example piano sheet music) and be able to ‘read’ and play.


The entire Student Series Library is designed to get you playing…fast. The Student Piano Player is no exception. With theory kept to the minimum you will playing your first tune in minutes.

The Student Series website

We have Courses for Piano, Organ, Personal/arranger keyboard, Melodion and a special ‘Early Learner’ edition. Whatever instrument you prefer – you will be certain to get on well with our courses.

Visit our dedicated Student Series website  <HERE>